Thursday, 19 July 2012

From The Toon to The Smoke

In the weeks leading up to my move to London and in the weeks following it I slowly shot a roll of 35mm film using my Praktika MTL3. I finished the roll over a month ago but it just sat in my room for weeks before I finally found the time to get it processed. But get it processed I did and below are the results starting with Newcastle. CLICK TO ENLARGE. Will with one of his noseblunt bonk thingy's way back in April. Dan pops off the end of Temple banks via a 5-0. The lack of Hurricane's in the atlantic ocean is apparently what's stopping us from having a summer as they force warm air our way. If this one from Jamie had the same affect on our global weather systems we'd all be basking in 30 degree heat. This well known North East spot was the destination on my last skate mission before I moved. Here will performs a cheeky nose pick as a farewell present. Jimbo gets his blunt on down below at the same spot. Now we have some shots from my new home of London town. Time is hard to come by at the minute so these are really the only shots I've taken (of skating that is) since being here. Will joined me for the opening of the newly revamped Kennington Bowl back in May. The highlight was him winning some shoes and getting knucks from Pontus for a nosegrind pop out. He still hasn't washed his hand. I didn't get a shot of said trick but did get one of this dude (can't remember his name) doing a legit bs noseblunt slide: The next shot pretty much sums up the majority of the time I have been in London. Rain, rain and more rain, this kid couldn't give two fucks though. To finish we have a shot from one of the few days that I have actually been street skating. Parlour Skate Store rider Simon De Oliveira busts out a nose slide on this pretty tall ledge with an even taller drop at the end. I'm back in Newcaslte this weekend so I'll hopefully have something blog next week when I return to London. Peace. BL.

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  1. Film came out well, ive just found about 8 black and white 400iso film i had left and am currently working through that with my praktica. never been much of a film person untill recently, and im looking forward to seeing how they turn out. any tips on shooting film?